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Dispatching - Apparatus by Incident Type


1E, 1L, 1D

2E, 2L, 1D

3E, 1SE, 2L, 1RAT, 1HR, 2D, SO2, 1ALS, 1M

2E, 1L, 1HR, 1ALS, 1M

2E, 1L, 1D, 1M

2E, 1L, 1M

2E, 1L, 1M

1E or 1L

1E or 1L, 1M, 1ALS

1E or 1L

2E, 1L, 1HR, 1D, 1ALS, 1M

3E, 2L, 1F, 2HR, HZ14, 1D, SO2, 1ALS, 1M

3E, 2L, 2HR, 1TT, 1D, SO2, 1ALS, 1M, 1MCU

1E, 1L, E14B, 1D, 1ALS, 1M

Listed below are the most common fire department response incidents and the apparatus that are typically assigned to respond.  Response levels can be scaled up or down at the discretion of the Incident Commander.  Please note Cincinnati aerials are noted as "Ladder"  but are typically referred to as "Trucks" on dispatch.  The key to the unit designations can be found here.


Fire Alarm

Still Alarm

1st Alarm

2nd Alarm

3rd Alarm

4th Alarm

5th Alarm

EMS (Minor)

EMS (Overdose)

Traffic Accident

Traffic w/Entrapment

Chemical Spill

Collapse Rescue

EOD (Bomb)