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Cincinnati Fire Department - Command / Support Car Numbers


Car 1Chief of Department
Car 2Assistant Chief - Administration / Resource Management
Car 3Assistant Chief - Operations Division
Car 4Assistant Chief - Human Resources Division
Car 5Assistant Chief - Fire Prevention Division
Car 6Assistant Chief - Emergency Management

Administration / Resource Management

Car 201District Chief - Resource Management
Car 210Captain - Apparatus
Car 211Captain - Facilities


Car 301District Chief - Operations
Car 302District Chief - EMS (EMS 1)
Car 303District Chief - Special Operations (SOC)
Car 311Captain - Operations


Car 401District Chief - Training
Car 402District Chief - Safety (SO 1)
Car 411Captain - Training / Fire College
Car 421Lieutenant - Training / Fire College
Car 422Lieutenant - Training / EMS
Car 423Lieutenant - Training / Fire College
Car 413Captain - Internal Investigations
Car 427Lieutenant - Internal Investigations
Car 428Lieutenant - Recruiting

Fire Prevention

Car 501District Chief - Fire Prevention
Car 511Captain - Arson / Environmental Crimes Unit
Car 521Lieutenant - Arson / Environmental Crimes Unit
Car 522Lieutenant - Arson / Environmental Crimes Unit
Car 512Captain - Fire Prevention Unit
Car 513Captain - Fire Prevention Unit

Emergency Management

Car 601District Chief - Emergency Management
Car 611Captain - Communications / Liason
Car 612Captain - Special Events
Car 621Captain - Emergency Management

The Cincinnati Fire Department has a large number of command / support staff vehicles.  Frontline apparatus are numbered by the station to which they are assigned while the command / support vehicles are numbered by their functional area. 
Cincinnati Car 1 - Chief of Department