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Site launch 3/17/2007.
Featured Photo - Cincinnati Ladder 3 is pictured here with the custom ladder board graphics for Breast Cancer Awareness month.  All frontline ladder companies featured the graphics for the month of October.  Ladder 3 is a 2015 Rosenbauer Commander.
There are currently 997 apparatus, 93 fire stations and 8 boats pictured on this web site.
Future / New Deliveries Update 2021 /2022-

Cincinnati - A new E-One Typhoon ladder truck was placed into service in March with Truck 17. 

A pair of new E-One .Typhoon pumper trucks have been placed into service with Engine 20 and Engine 35. 

Two new Ford / Horton ambulances have been received and placed into service with Medic 2 and Medic 24.

Delhi Township - Recieved a new E-One pumper truck in June for Engine 36.

Fairfield (City) - A new E-One pumper truck is anticipated to be delivered in July for Engine 33.

Fairfield Township - Received in April a new E-One pumper truck for Engine 211.

Green Township - Received a new E-One pumper truck for Engine 55.

Madeira / Indian Hill - Placed into service a new Ford / CET for Support 65.  A new ambulance a Ford / Horton ambulance was received for Medic 65..

Ross Township - Recieved a pair of new E-One pumper trucks in December of 2020 for Engine 101 and Engine 102.

Sharonville - Expecting delivery of a new E-One pumper truck for Engine 87 in early 2022.

Springfield Township - Received a new E-One pumper truck for Engine 90.

Whitewater Township - Placed into service in June a new E-One pumper truck with Engine 105. 

If you have an event you would like to list, a new delivery to report, or any corrections to the data on this site just send me an email.

"A Guide To Cincinnati Fire Apparatus" - Book Series

Each book in the series offers a comprehensive visual guide to Cincinnati Fire Department apparatus and recent purchase history.  The books feature color photos and detailed specification information for all regular frontline companies and the diverse array of specialized equipment operated by the department.

The 2018 edition chronicles the department at the end of  the Rosenbauer purchase era.  It is available in soft-cover, e-book and a larger format, hardcover expanded edition that adds an 8 page photo gallery and a 4 page station / apparatus directory.

The 2008 edition documents the department prior to the start of the decade long Rosenbauer purchase era.  In 2008, the department featured a diverse mix of E-One, Sutphen and Seagrave apparatus.  The book is available as a soft-cover or e-book.

All books in the series are available for purchase in the
Fire Island Media book store -
Recent Updates -

12/16/21 - Updated Madeira / Indian Hill with new Ford / Horton  ambulance placed into service with Medic 65 and the Ford F-450 / CET for Support 65.  Also added a photo of the 2020 Chevrolet Tahoe for Car 6401 and updated several other apparatus / staff cars.

11/14/21 - The two new E-One Typhoon pumper trucks have been placed into service with Cincinnati Engine 20 and Engine 35.  Engine 35's previous apparatus, a 2020 E-One has been reassigned to Engine 21.  The Station 20, 21 and 35 pages have been updated with the unit changes.

08/05/21 - Updated Miami Township in Hamilton County with the 2018 Sutphen assigned to Engine 68 and the three 2019 Ford / Braiun ambulances assigned to Medic 68, Medic 69 and Medic 70.

03/28/21 - Cincinnati has placed a new E-One Typhoon rear-mount aerial in service with Ladder 17.  The Station 17 and active apparatus pages have been updated wtih the new arrival.  Also updated the active apparatus page with a timeline of purchases by manufacturer / chassis.

03/20/21 - Cincinnati purchased a new Ford F-350 in May of 2020 for the Fuel Truck and assigned it to Station 38.  The previous fuel truck, a 1998 Chevrolet 3500 was located at Station 12.  The fuel truck responds to incidents / events for refueling apparatus that are operating for extended periods of time.  Also updated the Training Bureau page for the 2012 Ford F-550 / Summit acquired from Sharonville (OH) for use as a utility / support vehicle.  The vehicle previously ran as Sharonville Chemical 86.

03/14/21 - Added a new page covering Wyoming Fire - EMS.

02/26/21 - Added a new page covering the Lockland Fire Department.

02/19/21 - Updated Woodlawn with the 2017 / 2018 purchases.  A pair of 2017 Ford / Medix ambulances for Medic 96 and Medic 296, a 2018 Ford F-250 for Brush 96 and a pair of 2018 Chevrolet Tahoes for Car 9601 / Car 9602.

02/12/21 - Large update of Sycamore Township, added the 2018 E-One assigned to Engine 92 and subsequent reassignments.  Also added the 2018 Ford / Horton ambulance for Medic 92 and several staff / support vehicles.

02/05/21 - General update of Blue Ash Station 13 and Station 15.  Added the 2019 Freightliner / Pierce assigned to Engine 213 along with several medic units and command / support vehicles. 

01/31/21 - Updated Montgomery with the 2020 Ford F-250 purchased for Support 73 and the 2019 Ford Expedition Max for Chief 7301.  Both vehicles are in the new black over red paint scheme for Montgomery.

01/29/21 - Updated Cincinnati Stations 34, 35, 37, 46, 49, 50 and 51 for new or reassigned apparatus.  Also updated the Training Bureau page for some apparatus changes.

01/22/21 - Updated Cincinnati Stations 19, 20, 24, 29, 31 and 32 for new or reassigned apparatus.

01/15/21 - Updated Cincinnati Stations 9, 12, 14, 17 and 18 for new or reassigned apparatus.

01/10/21 - The site has been on hiatus while I have been working on books and other projects.  In the coming weeks there will be a significant amount of site updates and revisions.  Cincinnati Stations 2, 3, 5, 7 and 8 have been updated with new and/or reassigned apparatus.  The Cincinnati apparatus roster page is now also current for new / reassigned apparatus.  

12/09/19 - Updated the Cincinnati apparatus roster page (current engines and ladders) and the medic roster page.

07/08/18 - General update of Cincinnati Station 31, added the updated Station 31 logo along with some additional apparatus photography and video links.

07/01/18 - Split coverage of the Cincinnati Fire Department's Mass Casualty Units and Decontamination Units into 2 new pages and added photos of all of the units.
The page for the Decon Units is here, and the page for the MCU's is here.

06/24/18 - The 1995 E-One previously assigned to Engine 18 has been reassigned to the Training Bureau as Engine 229.  This move took place last October but realized the Training Bureau page had not been updated so added photos of Engine 229. 

06/16/18 - Cincinnati received four new Ford / Horton ambulances in May.  They have been placed into service with Medics 17, 23, 29 and 51.  Photos of the new ambulances have been added to their respective station pages, and the medic roster page has also been updated.

03/11/18 - Cincinnati Medic 2 has received a new Emergency Vehicles Plus remount ambulance, and the Station 2 page has been updated with the new arrival.

03/05/18 - Updated the Cincinnati Station 35 page with the new Emergency Vehicles Plus remount ambulance for Medic 35.

02/03/18 - A new Ford / Horton ambulance has been placed into service with Medic 24.  The Station 24 page has been updated with the new arrival along with the station logo, which was revised in late 2017.

01/12/18 - Elmwood Place purchased a 1991 Sutphen from Evendale that previously ran as Engiine 240.  The Sutphen has been placed into service with Engine 39 and the previous Engine 39 has been retired.  The Elmwood Place department page has been updated with the changes. 

11/19/17 - The 2011 Spartan / Rosenbauer previously assigned to Ladder 20 has been reassigned to Ladder 35.
The Station 35 page has been updated with the new
ladder truck.

11/12/17 - Cincinnati Ladder 2 also received a new Rosenbauer aerial.  The Station 2 page has been updated with the new arrival, and also added some additional station and apparatus photograpy.

11/04/17 - The 2009 Rosenbauer previously assigned to Engine 24 has been reassigned to Engine 18.  The Station 18 page has been updated with new arrival along with a large update of apparatus / station photography.

10/22/17 - Updated Cincinnati Station 20 with the new Rosenbauer aerial for Truck 20.  Also added some updated station and apparatus photograpy.

09/04/17 - Cincinnati Engine 24 placed into service the third new pumper truck received from  Rosenbauer this year.  The Station 24 page has been updated with the new arrival along with updated station and apparatus photography.

08/26/17 - Cincinnati District 2 placed into service a new Ford Police Interceptor.  The Station 17 page has been updated with the new vehicle.

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